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About us

Brand story

When you are good to yourself, you make the world better as well.

When we nourish our senses, we also contribute to the advancement of modern civilization, and make a profound and positive influence on the future.


means “mine” in Italian and Spanish,
and「miˉa˙」 in Taiwanese language


is French, which means everything is wonderful.

Mfor Merchandise

We offer all kinds of international and local items. We carefully select products and fresh goods to make your life easier and more convenient.

Ifor Intelligence

We aim to create a new smart shopping experience that is friendly and generates no waste. We are leading supermarket shopping to a whole new level.

Afor Attraction

A pleasant, lovely space that creates an atmosphere to change the mood and generate positive energy. Giving daily life new environment.

Cfor Community

We uphold common good in working together through sharing and communication, and aim for harmonious living.

Bonfor Business of Next

A top-scale supermarket that holds social responsibility as its job, continuing to exert commercial influence in providing excellent selections of products that are full of taste, of high quality, and are sustainable.

About us

At Mia C’bon, you can say with certainty:
“Good taste makes the world better!”

Enjoy the moment and embrace life

In the 21st century, we know exactly to enjoy every minute and second, to get a sense of ritual out of daily life, and to make every moment meaningful. We also agree that commodities are a reflection of personal taste. Therefore, we choose good quality items. Because of our good taste, producers commit to making excellent products. We are the ones that encourage and support them to continue to provide high-quality products. This is the inspiration that drives us to build a new top-tier supermarket brand - Mia C’bon.

Right here, we enjoy the moment, we embrace life, and we immerse ourselves in this relaxing atmosphere. We protect the environment and reduce the use of plastic. We also cherish food and items. We respect producers and products. We pay attention to sustainable agriculture and treat the earth with kindness as it offers us everything we need.

Right here, we work with like-minded brands and suppliers, and introduce products made by local farmers and producers who understand good social responsibility. Mia C'bon focuses on consumer health and has an enthusiasm for life. Our friendly approach to the environment is a powerful tool and we gather the power of everyone to build a complete industrial value chain.

Our vision

“To become the new, leading top-tier supermarket brand that operates within a circular economy, making every day wonderful and sustainable.”

Our mission

Mia C’bon creates a whole new consumer experience that is sustainable and inspirational. With a relaxing space, high-quality selection of products from all over the world, and upscale customized service, we provide customers with a more delicious life that can be enjoyed every day.